Some locations mean more than others.

When I was young, I used to follow along with my mom and dad on trips in my dad’s Volvo.
Many of these trips went to Skåne, the county next to where we lived. And the destinations were especially near the northeast coast of Skåne.

I can still remember sitting in the trunk of my dad’s beige station wagon, wiggling my feet and eating my picnic food. It’s a warm day on a hot parking lot surrounded by a pine forest. Ready to be soon walking down to the beach on a path made out of oak boards through the sandy, hot, and dry pine woods.

And on the top of one of the small hills, about at the midpoint between the parking lot and the beach, there it is. The spot.
I remember the smell. The warmth. The bright sun.
Everything is just the same so many years later.

Here are some of my photos from the county that continues to play a big part in my life today and will always.