Photographing animals can be a challenge whether it is pets at home, animals at the zoo, or wild animals. Each of them has its own kind of challenge for the photographer to capture a good photo.

When we’re at it: wild animals, I suck at taking good photos of wild animals. I’m never prepared.
Even though I like spending time outdoors in nature, taking long walks by myself or with good company, I never manage to capture good wildlife photos.
Those few times when the wild decides to surprise me I always manage to screw things up. Too long shutter time because I chose the wrong mode in the heat of the moment so the resulting picture is a big mess of blur. Or just plain impossible to capture anything at all due to choosing to fit my DSLR with a lens that just can’t capture what is happening right in front of me.

Visting animals at the zoo greatly improve the chance to actually capture something worthwhile, at the cost that the resulting photo will be mediocre.
The story that the photo tries to tell will more than often just tell the viewer that I, the photographer was visiting a zoo and nothing more than that.